Coconuts - how to stop nut development? (fwd)

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Subject: Re: Coconuts - how to stop nut development? (fwd)

Does anyone know of any research which has resulted in any type of
'treatment' which can be applied to coconut palms to prevent the
formation of coconuts?
Any info appreciated!

I have inquired about this matter and there is no information on this 
topic to hand. There is a possibility that Professor Walter Schwabe 
(now retired but contactable here at Wye College in the Horticulture 
Section) might be able to help but he is in hospital at the moment 
seriously ill. I would suggest writing to him in the hope that he 
will return to office in the meanwhile and can be of some assistance.
Sorry I can be of no further help at this instant.
Sinclair Mantell

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