Where to buy botanical equipment in UK?

Henk Henk
Fri Sep 22 07:32:55 EST 1995

Andrew Douglas <amd> writes:

>I posted this before, but I'm not sure what happened to it.
>Anyway, I got no replies.
Too busy with email, I suppose
>I've recently been bitten by the botanical bug, but don't
>know where to start or what to do.
I remember from your earlier posting you had several of the books (Stace &c)
so there you go. I still like the Collins field guide, simple and
effective for general botanizing, with Stace useful for when you get into
weird or adventive stuff. The wonderful thing about botany is that you can do
it anywhere, but it's usually nicer in a proper countryside setting...
>Is the trend still towards collecting plants and creating
>a herbarium, or is this now frowned upon, and replaced
>by photography?
Herbarium of common things should be OK, but the rarer stuff is definitely
off limits (populations < 50); also many organizations & landowners don't
like you removing things, unless you ask nicely first. But a few bits n'bobs
for checking at home should be allright.
>Also, I want to buy equipment?  A reasonable magnifying object.
>Do people still use vasculums?  Are there any mail order companies
>for such equipment, or places in the York area?
A loupe or handlens - I used to buy these at opticians. Years ago that, though.
Vasculum is out, ziplocks are in (those resealable plastic bags) for tender 
flowers if you want to keep them fresh. I generally press in my flower book
(the Collins field guide) but if you're into spiny trees that might prove
less wonderful. Photography is perfect if you know what you are photographing,
but identification from photographs is not always easy (keys might ask for
those bits you can't see because the're behind something else...)
Natural History clubs of your area would be helpful! There are also
national organisations (BSBI, botanical society British isles) but I'd
say start off with a local club.
Good luck, and happy botanizing.

(speaking only for myself - not for my employer)

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