sick tamarillo

Mark Hodgson mhodgson at
Sun Sep 24 23:01:09 EST 1995

If someone out there could give me some advice, or refer me to a 
more appropriate e-mail address, I would be grateful.  I have had
a potted "tree tomato" plant (tamarillo) for over ten years in my 
study at home.  I have been told that in this climate (Boston, 
Massachusetts), it will never bear fruit, but it has kept up its 
foliage all of this time.  Recently, however, extremely small 
white-winged moths (or flies?) are taking up residence on the 
leaves, and the leaves seem to be dying in response, their stems 
withering where they are joined to the main stem or trunk.  
Spraying the plant with a common household melathione preparation, 
which has worked extremely well in the past for other plants and 
other bugs, seems to have been a mistake and I discontinued 
that after only one treatment.

Thanks in advance for any possible advice or referrals!

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