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Scott Ranger ranger at
Wed Sep 27 11:57:09 EST 1995

I'm not sure what you mean by "all three species" as Kartesz' 
1994 Synonymized Checklist for the United States, Canada and 
Greenland (Timber Press) lists nine species:

   E. angustifolia DC
   E. atrorubens Nutt.
 * E. laevigata (C.L. Boynt. & Beadle) Blake
 * E. pallida (Nutt.) Nutt.
 * E. paradoxa (J.B.S. Norton)Britt.
 * E. purpurea (L.) Moench
   E. sanguinea Nutt.
   E. simulata R.L. McGregor
   E. tennesseensis (Beadle) Small

* are species native to the SE US where I live.  Two are listed 
with the USFWS as federally endangered (E. laevigata and E. 
tennesseensis) and both are listed in their states as well.

Cronquist's Vascular Fora of the Southeastern United States, 
Volume I, Asteraceae (University of North Carolina Press, 1980, 
unfortunately now out of print) includes taxonomic information 
on the * species.

There are a couple of technical manuals on recovery programs 
for the two federally listed species that you could get 
information from through the USFWS.

"The genus Echinacea is a stricly American genus ... 
restricted to the eastern United States.  The name comes from 
the Greek echinos, sea-urchin, inspired by the cone-shaped, 
bristly receptacles of the flower heads..." From Protected 
Plants of Georgia, Patrick, Allison & Krakow, 1995.  Georgia 
Natural Heritage Program.

Various plants are in common cultivation, and are often 
included in those messy "wildflower meadow in a can" seed mixes 
you can buy.  What they are defies guessing.

Hope you find this helpful.

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