invasive hummingbird plants?

Anne Marie Gearhart turnip at
Wed Sep 27 09:39:54 EST 1995

Hello.  I am interested in how invasive plants (exotic or problematic
natives) may effect native plant-hummingbird interactions.  Ideally, I would
be able to compare populations of a native co-occuring with an invasive to
populations of the native alone. While the native should be hummingbird
pollinated, the invasive need only be visited by the hummingbird.  It has
suggested I consider _Ipomea coccinea_ (small red, or scarlet morning glory),
_Campsis radicans_ (trumpet creeper) or Spirea japonica as the invasive

 Might anyone be able to suggest other invasive plants which would be
appropriate?  Would anyone know of populations of these plants, co-occuring
with hummingbird pollinated plants, especially in the Mid-Atlantic 

Please respond to: ag85 at

Thank you for your time!
Anne Marie Gearhart
Dept. of Plant Biology
University of Maryland, College Park

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