Hydroponics & Tomatoes

James Marek jmarek at raider.rhs.brevard.k12.fl.us
Thu Sep 28 12:55:54 EST 1995

        Hello, my name is Kelly Shiels and I am a science research
student at Rockledge High School. This year I am doing a project on
Hydroponics and using them to grow tomatoes. Any information you could
give me on geoponics would also be appreciated. I need to know what kind
of soil is best for use, and I also need to know what kind of solution I
should use. I have Knopp's solution, and I have Sach's solution.
        Knopps is:
                Potassium Nitrate-19g
                Magnesium sulfate-0.25g
                Potassium Phosphate-0.12g
                Potassium Chloride-0.12g
                Ferrous Chloride-traces

        Then I have Sach's solution:
                Distilled water-1,000mL
                Potassium Nitrate-1g
                Sodium Chloride-1g
                calcium sulfate-0.5g
                Magnesium sulfate-0.5g
                Superphosphate-0.5g (Failry pulverized)
                ferrous chloride

        I also have a solution that was just titled Modern Hydroponic
                Magnesium sulfate-0.78g/L
                calcium phosphate-0.4g/L
                potassium nitrate-0.77g/L
                calcium sulfate-1.43 g/L
                I am not sure which of these solutions is the best to
use, and any information you could give me on this topic would be greatly

      Kelly Shiels

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