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: Dear Plantnetters

: I am looking for an expert on horseradish genetics.  Does anyone have 
: information on horseradish breeding?  From what I can gather, two commercial 
: spp. are being used, viz. Armoracia rusticana and A. lapathifolia.  Also, two 
: "types" are being mentioned, the "common" type and the "bohemian" type.  These 
: two types apparently have different leaf morphologies?  Are they 
: representative of the two species?  Are there any other species, and if so are 
: they being used in commercial breeding?  What I am really getting at is, what 
: is the genetic diversity in cultivated horseradish?

: Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

: Johan Burger

	I just wanted to add that there is a variegated version of 
A. rusticana that is becoming popular as a low-maintenance landscape
plant here in the Midwest. I got my plant several years ago, and people
are always commenting on the beautiful, large plant with the green and
white leaves.
	Being variegated, this clone is not nearly as aggressive as the
green version. I do keep the offshoots on my plant trimmed away periodically
just to keep it in bounds.
	There are not many attractive landscape plants that you can enjoy
BOTH as a decorative addition to your local scenery AND as a condiment!!

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