plants and urine

James M. Shine, Jr. jshine at
Thu Sep 28 19:53:00 EST 1995

In article <5NGCW5L.dx3ddd at>, dx3ddd at (dx3ddd at writes:
>I have a rather interesting question, well maybe.
>Please don't laugh immediately, but try and remember
>that there are differences in the ways of every culture.
>With that in mind.  Here is my question.
>These friends of mine, who are from the Philippines, have been
>telling me and my wife that we could use our urine to help a
>plant grow...remainder deleted to save space.........

Urine is a reliable source of urea, an animal toxin.  What your friends are
telling you is sound.  There are species that cannot use urea well as a
nitrogen source, but most of the "acid-lovers" such as the Ericacae respond
well to urea as an N-source.

Despite your misgivings there is no basis to consider fruit from plants fed
with urine as a human health risk assuming the material is soil applied and
not fresh on the fruit peel.  Washing the fruit will elliminate this risk.

The issue you and your friend need to deal with is who in their right mind
would eat a calomondin!  Buy fresh Florida citrus!!!!!!!!!!

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