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Phil Schappert philjs at
Fri Sep 29 14:26:16 EST 1995

jbiro at (Juli S Biro) wrote:
>	My name is Juli and I am beginning my MSc in Horticulture at the 
>University of Guelph, in Ontario, Canada.  I will be studying Passiflora.  My 
>advisory commitee and I have not yet decided which aspects of Passiflora I
>will be researching.  I may be looking at propagation methods, optimum 
>light levels, fertility, etc...  Before we can decide any of this, I must 
>gather as much information regarding Passiflora in general as possible.  
>Our library here has some excellent journal articles on this subject, 
>however, I have not found much in the way of general information, such as:  
>place of origin, number of species, and where to locate cuttings/seeds, 
>or both.  
>	I would greatly appreciate any information that you have 
>regarding Passiflora.  This could include book or journal titles, helpful 
>hints, or even e-mail addresses to "experts" on Passiflora.

Hi Juli,

I'm a PhD student at York, working on an allied family in the Passiflorales (the 
Turneraceae). My particular interests involve cyanogenesis in this group and it's 
interaction with herbivores. I have 7 or 8 sp. of Passiflora growing in the 
greenhouse here...

The first things you should do are obtain a copy of the book "Passion Flowers" by 
John Vanderplank (1991, MIT Press, ISBN # 0-262-22043-1). The second thing you 
should do is join Passiflora Society International. Contact me at philjs at 
for further info. re: this Society. PSI runs a seed bank, other possible sources of 
seed include a number of mail-order houses. You might also want to try the 
University seed exchange program. Again, send me private e-mail to find out more.

Phil Schappert
Biology, York University

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