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> be careful with the use of the word most.  Many crops cultivars
> (for example many tree crops such as Citrus, Apple, Pear, etc.)
> are asexually propagated.  You sight corn for an example.  Most,
> if not all, commercial corn grown is from hybrid seed which would 
> not be a true cultivar.

Citrus, apple and pear have very many clonal cultivars, but I maintain
that corn and other seed-raised crops (not to mention many annuals grown
from seed and packeted vegetable seeds) are cultivars as well.  My point
was that if you counted up all the cultivars in the world (whether or not
they are _called_ cultivars) I believe the majority would be seed-raised.

The commercial corn mentioned above most certainly would be a cultivar.

FYI: a cultivar, as defined in the upcoming International Code of Nomenclature
for Cultivated Plants (ICNCP) - the book that contains the Rules for naming
cultivars, is as follows:

"A cultivar is a taxon (of cultivated plants) that has been selected for a
particular attribute or combination of attributes, and that is clearly
distinct, uniform and stable in its characteristics and that, when propagated
by appropriate means, retains those characteristics."

Please, let's get rid of the idea that all cultivars are propagated asexually.

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