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Martin Rand hsl at
Sat Sep 30 02:53:13 EST 1995

kencal at (Ken Calhoun ) wrote:

>I was wondering if anyone knows of a tree that doesn't loose it's
>leaves in the winter (not pine needles).  I know evergreens keep their
>needles but don't know of a non-tropical tree that keeps it's leaves. 
>My nephew is doing a class project and needs to know.  Any help would
>be appriciated.  Thanks KenC.

Well, there's Holly (Ilex aquifolium L.), and various 'Mediterranean'
species of Oak especially Cork Oak (Quercus suber L.), Holm Oak
(Quercus ilex L.) and the naturally occurring hybrid Quercus
xhispanica Lam. Then there are the Strawberry Trees (Arbutus spp. ). I
suppose Laurels (Laurus) and Cherry-Laurels (Prunus spp.) might just
scrape in as trees.

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Chandlers Ford, Hants, UK

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