HELP!!Advice on H.S. Advanced Biology project

Heath28166 heath28166 at
Sat Sep 30 16:28:10 EST 1995

I am just starting my advanced bio project.I will be growing dwarf pea pod
seeds in three different plots of soil.  They will all contain 1000 seeds
per plot.  The first plot will contain 1000 seeds and regular, healthy
soil.  The second plot of soil will be contaminated. But this is where I
fall short. I need to find a contaminate that can be "cleaned up"  by a
type of plant.  Because in my second plot I will have contaminated soil
and the pea pod seeds.  The third plot will contain the same type of
contaminted soil, pea pod seeds, and another plant that can "clean up" the
contaminate.  If you  know of some "cleaning" plants or of a project done
simiilar to this, please send your info and/or advice.

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