New Web site for Plant Reproduction

Scott Russell srussell at UOKNOR.EDU
Tue Apr 2 03:28:13 EST 1996

I have organized a World Wide Web site for the International Assoc. for
Sexual Plant Reproduction Research, IASPRR.  The site includes
information about the PLANT-REPR Listserv, Upcoming meetings, the Posters and 
Talks of the last Congress, the Agenda/Notes of the Third General Assembly (in
Lorne, Australia), membership information and forms, and the contents of Sexual
Plant Reproduction.  Each page is available as a Netscape-ready
format with graphics and a text-only format.  The site is rich in information
and graphics are used sparingly at present, which is probably best for
trans-oceanic transfer.

The URL is:

Our server is a SunSparc system operating under UNIX, which
should be more than adequate for our needs.  If you have anything of interest
to members of IASPRR, I can easily provide a link.  I intend on
keeping this site as dynamic as possible, so I will need help and welcome it
from all over the world.  Hopefully, I will be able to provide enough new
content that the site should be worth visiting every month or two.  There
should be something to visit at
least every month or two.  The most recent Table of Contents for Sexual Plant
Reproduction will be available as soon as I get it, and information about
conferences would be ideal for the site.  Please send anything that might be
of interest for the site!!

Best regards,    Scott Russell

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