question... how did/where did you get into botany?

the kat in the hat kayers at
Tue Apr 2 06:54:04 EST 1996

I'm curious... I an a junior at Bryn Mawr college and recently changed my
major from biology to anthropology.  Unfortunately, although I was able 
to take some plant classes at Swarthmore (plant physiology, systematic
my physics requirement just crushed me.  I think the most viable career
I graduate would for me to get into publishing, BUT I have always and still

want to get into botany... How did you all decide to specialize?  In high
school, college, graduate school?  I'm toying with the thought of going 
to grad school after I spend some time in the real world after college...
and what did you do to actually get into BOTANY as opposed to biology?

Hope this isn't too off-track..
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