Edible barberry? "Zereshk"

Brad Daniels daniels at Starbase.NeoSoft.COM
Tue Apr 2 17:08:47 EST 1996

I have developed a fondness for the Persian dish "zereshk polo", which
is made from barberries with sugar and onions.  I was thinking it would
be nice to grow the berries myself, since I rather like the look of the
barberry plants I've seen, but I've discovered that there are a great many
species of the genus berberus, and I would not like to get one that tastes
bad, or worse yet is poisonous (though I doubt there are any such...)
Does anyone know the scientific name for the species of barberry used in
Iranian cooking?

Also, as long as I'm on the subject, does anyone know the scientific name
or at least the common English name of "albaloo"?  I tried ordering albaloo
polo one time, but I got a dish with dried cherries, which is definitely
not the same as the dried albaloo I tasted once.

- Brad
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