question.. flowering maple-maple

the kat in the hat kayers at
Thu Apr 4 05:50:40 EST 1996

I have heard all about flowering maples.. so how are flowering maples
related to regular maples?  are their petals really sepals? or
are they really something else altogether that look superficially
like maples, like the tulip tree or platanus occidentalis?

and where can I find plans for making a plant press- the sort
sold with slatted outer boards, blotting paper, 
and those belted strips?  I used to have a copy of A naturalist's
hand book but it it lost amongst so many other books..
and how have yours(if you made them) come out?

also..thanks *SO MUCH*, for all the great replies to
my LAST question.. I have gotten so many useful anecdotes and
stories..I fling crocus and new-sprouted grass to you!


"Whyever should we care.. if there are arrows in the air..?"

"Nature never did betray the heart that loved her."

"He that plants trees loves others beside himself."
-Thomas Fuller

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