Subterranean termites in plum tree

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>>Does anyone out there know if subterranean termites can be eliminated

>>without killing the tree.  It's half dead already with carpenter bees

>>living in the trunk, but last summer it produced the most wonderful 
>>fruit.  Is there hope?
>>Paula Sherrin  sherrin at
>Dear Paula:
>My guess is that your tree is in such poor health at this point that
>if you could control the termites your tree would soon succumb to some

>other disease or pest.  If your are fond of that particular plum try 
>grafting it onto another plum.
>Good luck!
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Subterranean termites make their way through the wet and decomposing
core. That core only supplies strength to hold the tree uproght. Make a
couple of core holes near the ground to find the damaged inner wood.
Apply a solution of 10 cc/gal of Tempo. Tempo can only be obtained
through distributors, but if I can get it so can you. That will kill
the termites for sure. Also carpenter ants if any are there. Hit the
borer bee holes with the Tempo. Insects still lack complete victory
over us, humanoids! :) Micro, not a microbe!

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