anyone familiar with herbicide 2,4-D ??

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Sun Apr 7 09:24:26 EST 1996

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>>Could anyone please provide me with any info on this Chemical
>>2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid. It is a herbicide.. also commonly
known as
>Works really well on dandelions.  I used to work with a lawn
>maintenance company, and we applied 2-4-D mecoprop at the beginning of
>summer on our customers yards.  Sorry I can't supply any technical
>information for you.
>2-4-D is a broadleaf killer. In times past it was combined with
2-4-5-T that really made it potent. 2-4-5-T is poisonous by inhaling,
so it was taken out of the market. I use a 8 oz. of 40% 2-4-D plus 8 oz
of 40% Roundup to 2 gallons of water. I include 1 oz of dish detergent
to break the water film tension and fully coat the leaves. This mix
"will kill anything that has green on it". Both items are available
from whosalers of lawn chemicals. Do not waste your money on the 20%
concentrates sold at "Home Depit, Kmart, etc. And exercise care while
handling and dispensing the mix. :) Micro, not a microbe!

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