Using Frozen Pollen

Randall P. Niedz rniedz at ASRR.ARSUSDA.GOV
Wed Apr 10 08:08:12 EST 1996

On 5 Apr 1996, Stafford William wrote:

> 	I collected and froze some Magnolia pollen last spring.  It is
> just about time for the Magnolias to begin blooming so I need to prepare
> to use my pollen.
> 	Do I need to do anything other than just letting the pollen
> defrost?  I was planning to move the pollen from the freezer to the
> refrigerator for 24 hours, then to room temperature for a couple of
> hours before use.
> 	I will be using the pollen over a period of a couple of weeks.
> Can I just keep it in the refrigerator between pollenation sessions?
> 	Thanks in advance,

When I use frozen pollen in citrus pollinations I allow it to rehydrate
for a 4-5 hours before use.  I do this by putting the frozen anthers in a
closed petri dish with (not on) some wet filter paper.

Seems to work fine.

R. Niedz
Orlando, FL

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