rhizogenesis after transformation

Robert Kuhelj robert.kuhelj at ijs.si
Wed Apr 10 08:50:10 EST 1996

After transformation  of two cv. of potato (cv. Igor & cv. Desiree) we obtain
 almost 100% regeneration. The problem is that we get rhizigenesis first 
 and after addition of zeatin riboside in media we obtain plantlets on
 just 20% - 30% of explantats.
We would prefer to get plantlets directly from kalus. 
Regeneration non-transformed plants is normal and we get plantlets on
 almost all explantats.
For transformation we used Agrobacterium tumefaciens LBA4404 transformed
 with pBIN plus.
Does anybody has similar experiences or solutions to the problem?

Darja Stanic, National Institute of Biology, Ljubljana, Slovenia -- 
Robert Kuhelj                 Jozef Stefan Institute
                              Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
robert.kuhelj at ijs.si          Slovenia

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