AlbAloo/sour cherry (was Re: Edible barberry? "Zereshk")

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Fri Apr 12 02:41:01 EST 1996

daniels at Starbase.NeoSoft.COM (Brad Daniels) writes:

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>>daniels at Starbase.NeoSoft.COM (Brad Daniels) writes:
>>>Thanks!  I'll see if I can find some.  Looks like my dreams of growing
>>>it myself are not to be fulfilled...  Apparently, the tree requires at
>>>least 500 hours of freezing temperatures each year, and we only get
>>>around 1/10 of that around here.
>>Zereshk! (Sorry I had to say Zereshk - looked so appropriate) 500 hours
>>of freezing temp?  Who gave you this idea?  We get 0 hours of freezing 
>>temp and they grow just fine.
>>Now who came up with that magic number?  That is 20.833333 days!
>>misinformer nabAshid!

>No...  I'm talking about AlbAloo/sour cherry.  As to where the number

So was I (talking about AlbAloo).

>came from, I was talking to someone who used to grow the things in
>Wisconsin (or was in Michigan - I forget), and that's just the number
>people throw around...  No idea how exact it is.

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