HELP! Gnats in houseplants/soil taking over!!!!!!

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>>They are indeed fungus gnats. They normally feed on decaying 
matter and 
> I have fungus gnats ,not very severe, in the greenhouse. I am  
using "Oasis"
>-florist foam - as a rooting media and have a few -approximately 
120 trays- of
>peat moss filled plugs in the same ghse for Gaultheria seedlings.  
The gnats
>live in the peat moss I assume, but the flies also swarm all over 
the foam at
>times and I presume they are living in it as well. Do you think 
they can live in
>the artificial media and feed only on the rooting cuttings ?
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Why not, even the artificial rooting medium will be full of food for 
them, not just the rooting cuttings, but also fungi !!. Off course 
during the rooting of the cuttings there usually is quite some 
rotting going on from cut surfaces etc.  They are even considered a 
pest in many soilless cultures like rockwool. The risk of real 
damege is higher there since the food is limited, and they are more 
likely to "attack" the roots which are often exposed, and often very 
soft. I would certainly try to control them in such a (semi ??) 
professional propagation !!  In this case I would go for the 
nematodes. For such a large quantity it is certainly economical.

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