The New Ethnobotany Cafe

System Manager webmaster at
Thu Apr 18 15:57:00 EST 1996


This message is to announce a full overhaul of the Ethnobotany Cafe on the Web

The Cafe now has a whole new look. Stop by, and join the Discussion Lounge to 
chat about plants, and their uses and relation to culture, including recipes 
with wild foods, herbal and wild plant medicine, native American ethnobotany, 
and whatever subject you might want to bring up. 

Our post engine allows you to include your own html code in the message, and 
it also allows the inclusion of pictures. 

If you have netscape 2.0, you'll also enjoy the new frames look of the cafe, 
with a menu bar which allows you to quickly navigate around the cafe. 
We have also installed a one stop search page which allows you to search
our whole site, and it has forms to access all the other search engines on the 

Please stop by and have a look around.

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