Rogue batch of M&S from ICN?

Claire Grierson GRIERSON at BBSRC.AC.UK
Thu Apr 18 03:46:34 EST 1996

We have just lost several weeks work and over four thousand seedlings due 
to a possibly rogue lot of Murashige and Skoog (M & S) medium from ICN. 
Seedlings germinated on this medium were severely stunted, root 
development was very poor and root hair formation almost completely 
absent. Older seedlings transferred to this medium became bleached and 
could not be revived by transfer to other medium, dying later.

I have made a side-by-side comparison of this medium with three other 
lots, including a replacement lot from ICN, making them up together using 
identical ingredients and planting out the same batch of seeds. Seedlings 
germinated on the other three batches were normal, with long, healthy 
roots, copius root hairs, and healthy green cotyledons.

All four lots tested were M & S (no kinetin, IAA, or sucrose)
Catalogue number: 26-100-22/4
The suspect lot number is: 94657
OK lots are : 81064, 11955 and 1090201

I have contacted ICN, who are waiting to see if anyone else has 
complaints about this lot of M & S.

Approach it with caution,


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