Need help with Colorado Blue Spruce

Ron Carter rhc at
Tue Apr 30 12:03:05 EST 1996

Last year (April-May) I transplanted 2 colorado Blue Spruce trees.  One was 5
feet tall, the other was 5.5 feet tall.  They had been growing in Indiana since
I planted them as saplings years and years ago.  It took several days to transport
and replant them.  Now they are in mid Ohio.  I then staked them and a year passed and 
they both appeared fine (almost).  The taller one had lost some needles in two
 places.  It seemed that a branch had died and the needles fell off.  One of the
 two places is the top.  Now the upper 6 inches of the tree appears dead.  
It is now one year later and it still appears dead while the rest of the tree
looks healthy.  My first question is what can/should I do for the
top of this tree.

My second question is about the other tree.  As of this writing the second
tree appears entirely dead.  It kept its needles until the spring of this year.
It was green and only started to turn brown in the very early spring of this
year.  Now only 5% of the needles are green and many of the rest are starting
to fall.  My Father-In-Law says this tree will recover.  He broke a branch 
and showed me the inside is still green.  Will these needles grow back?  Is it
likely this tree is dead?  Any other ideas on what I should do for this 
5 foot tree?

Ron Carter
ronald.h.carter at

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