Banana Transformation and Regeneration -- help!!

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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen:

My interest is to produce a system for transformation and regeneration of=
 banana plants. I have been working on a method published by Escalant et =
al(1994).  So far I failed to repeat their results as they claimed.  I ha=
ve tried various means to get info from Escalant but failed.  Escalant cl=
aimed that his has some secret info that he does not want to make them pu=
blic.  I think he should have thought of that before he published the pap=
er.  Anyway, there's a medium the method calls for Morel's Vitamins and t=
he reference given was a French language journal by Morel (1948).  I have=
 the French reference but the composition of Morel's vitamins is not defi=
ned.  Could someone please email me the composition of this Vitamin and o=
ther useful information?


Escalant Jean-Vincent, Teisson Claude, and Cote Francois.  (1994)  Amplif=
ied somatic embryogenesis from male flowers of triploid banana and planta=
in cultivars (Musa SSP.)  In Vitro Cell Dev. Biol. 30P:181-186.

Morel, G. Recherches sur la culture associee de parasites obligatoires et=
 de tissus vegetaux. Ann. Epiphyt. (Paris) 14:123-134; 1948

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