Help for the EM-autoradiography

Fri Aug 2 07:34:44 EST 1996

Dear netter,
     I am a Ph.D student in the National Taiwan University. I need to
learn " EM-autoradiography " technique on my thesis work. In general,
loop method is recommended for the emulsion coating and such coating
operation must be done at the dark room. Therefore, It is very
difficult to to handle this such delicate experiment by a newer.
I would like to find an experienced person who could teach me this
technique. If so, I will support mysely to go to your lab directly,
for learning the EM-autoradiography. I will prepare sample sections
on the grids and carry all the stuffs, such as emulsion, developer and
so on. The only thing that I hope someone could teach me how to coat
a monolayer of emulsion on the grid and how to opperate the development
at the dark room.
     In addition, could anyone tell me  the catalog number for the
" Ilford L4 " emulsion is.
     Any contact or info would be highly appreciated. I am looking
forward to receiving your reply as soon as possible. Thanks again.

Min-Huei Chen
Email:  chingyi at
Fax : 782-6085

Institue of molecular biology
Academia Sinica
Nankang, Taipei
Taiwan, R.O.C. 

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