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>Hello,  I would like to get help on caring for my two different
>calatheas.  Both are surviving but neither one is doing well.  I also
>have several gingers and ground orchids. We all live in Ft.Lauderdale.
>Can anyone tell me of a specific news group I should be subscribing to.
> Thanks
>Penny McIntyre

Penny, I grow several species of Calatheas in moderate light with orchids, 
ferns, bromeliads, and aroids in a leanto greenhouse in southeast Michigan.  
Night temperatures 60 or so F, day temperature (nowadays) up into low 80's. 
Through trial and error I've learned you should not let the Calatheas get too 
dry.  Since I water just once a week, I put shallow saucers under each 
(plastic) Calathea pot, so that their "feet" are kept wet for at least a day 
or two after watering and the saucer underneath also keeps the medium in the 
pot from drying out too fast. Since I started doing that, all my Calatheas 
have been doing much better.

I'd be interested in finding out about U.S. sources for "rattlesnake Calathea" 
seen in Crystal Garden in Victoria, B.C, or other sources for this interesting 
group of plants.

--Neal Foster

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