Help! Moss as a houseplant??

Alfred Wallace awallace at
Fri Aug 2 12:23:20 EST 1996

I'd like to grow moss as a houseplant, but I'm not sure how.  I'm reluctant
to just uproot a big chunk in the woods and bring it home w/o knowing diddly
about it.  It's MUCH too beautiful to kill.{  
How much light, moisture, attention, etc. does it like?
I've read about the English gardeners' method of mixing pulverized moss with
buttermilk and painting it onto flagstones, walls, garden dwarves, etc. in
order to grow moss on them.  Has anyone tried this?

Thanks for your help, should you choose to accept this mission...

Muriel Hogan 
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
("Cream City" or "The Naples of the North")
awallace at

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