need help w/ planting a plumeria?

Vaford vaford at
Fri Aug 2 20:06:58 EST 1996

I'm looking for the best planting conditions for a plumeria.  Here are a
list of other
names for it if it helps any:
p. emarginata

I know that it blooms from June throuhg November and it can come in the
colors of white with a yellow center, pink, or red. 

I  need to know what the best type of soil is (acid, which nutrients,
etc), and if it needs to be pollinated or not.  What type of light is best
for it to grow its fastest?  
Any other helpful info is greatly appreciated, too.  One more thing:  I
also would love to know if there are any vendors that can mail seeds or if
there are any in the 
Washington, DC area that sells them.  If anyone could get me any leads
that'd be great!!

As I do not read this newsgroup on a regular basis a response to my e-mail
address would be wonderful.  It is below following my name.  Thanks in
advance for anyone that has any info.

Virginia Ford
Vaford at

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