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I was wondering if anyone knows what this plant is that I am going to
try and describe below.  I know that this was introduced from Europe and
it has a tendancy to DRAIN wet lands when it takes over. 

It has a beautiful deep purple flowers that is bell shaped on the upper
end of its stock. There are alot of these flowers that surround the
upper end of its stock.  The stock itself has a wood texture and is just
as strong and thick. When you try to pull its roots hold it in deep.

I know in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada there is a control
program set up to warn the general surrounding area. Volunteers go out
and clean the wetlands out.

What I would like to know are the control practices for this species?
How do you dispose of the plant stocks, etc.  Is there a volunteer group
out in Ottawa, Ontario that is spreading the information and getting
people to practice control procedures.



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