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: I was wondering if anyone knows what this plant is that I am going to
: try and describe below.  I know that this was introduced from Europe and
: it has a tendancy to DRAIN wet lands when it takes over. 


If I am thinking of the same plant, it is Purple loosestrife (_Lythrum
salicaria_).  It is flowering right now in the Keweenaw peninsula of Upper

The main problem with _L. salicaria_ is that it is able to form very dense,
impenetrable stands and replace cattails and other wetland plants.  It is
not suitable cover, food or nesting medium for many native wetland animals.

As far as I know, once it is established, _L. salicaria_ is very difficult
to eradicate.  Although I am not sure of the specifics, there are several
natural insect predators from Europe that only feed on _L. salicaria_ and
last I heard they were being considered for long-term control.

I hope this helps you on your search for information.

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