Bamboo plant blossoming

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Sun Aug 4 01:46:18 EST 1996


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>John Booth <100415.2533 at CompuServe.COM> wrote:

>>Have a gardener friend who would like to know if there is
>>any information regarding the blossoming of bamboo plants.
>>He is in Germany, and many bamboo plants are blossoming this
>>year. As I understand, once a bamboo plant blossoms, it is
>>doomed to die. This is supposed to take place every 100
>>years or so.


>>Can anyone help me here regarding information and/or information

>>Thanks in advance for any info.

>Hmmmmmm........  I'll piggy-back on this message with a related
>question.  I'm new to botany in general and palms specifically.  I
>have been told that Fishtail Palms die after producing seed.  Does
>anyone know if this is true and if it can be prevented?

>Thanks, Rick

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