need help w/ planting a plumeria?

John Murray jrm at
Mon Aug 5 13:54:20 EST 1996

vaford at (Vaford) wrote:

>I'm looking for the best planting conditions for a plumeria.  Here are a
>list of other
>names for it if it helps any:
>p. emarginata
>I know that it blooms from June throuhg November and it can come in the
>colors of white with a yellow center, pink, or red. 
>I  need to know what the best type of soil is (acid, which nutrients,
>etc), and if it needs to be pollinated or not.  What type of light is best
>for it to grow its fastest?  
>Any other helpful info is greatly appreciated, too.  One more thing:  I
>also would love to know if there are any vendors that can mail seeds or if
>there are any in the 
>Washington, DC area that sells them.  If anyone could get me any leads
>that'd be great!!
>As I do not read this newsgroup on a regular basis a response to my e-mail
>address would be wonderful.  It is below following my name.  Thanks in
>advance for anyone that has any info.

Please see my Plumeria www site at:

It is questionable whether the climate in Washington DC will be
acceptable for plumeria. I would be interested in learning of your
experiences and results.

I have plumeria seeds in a great variety of colors; both named and
unnamed cultivars that I have collected in Hawaii and here in Houston.
I sell them for 4 for $1 plus $1 P&H. 

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