Cats Claw

James di Paulo jdipaulo at
Thu Aug 8 11:58:52 EST 1996

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Chaz  Kussoy <ckussoy at> writes: 
>I have been taking Cat's Claw for about 3 months, working up to what 
>I understand to be a "therapeutic dose" (3000 mg/day).  I am taking
>the Cat's Claw for help with connective tissue disease/fibromyalgia
>(with severe muscle pain & contraction) and CFIDS symptoms.  
Are these capsules? Do you know how this translates into grams of whole
herb for making a decoction? From where does the 3000 mg/day dose
information originate? Can you share this?

I hope it works well for you, CFIDS is no joking matter.


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