? build-up of herbarium-database ?

Marco_Bleeker mbleeker at euronet.nl
Thu Aug 8 06:54:35 EST 1996

Magnus Mueller <Magnus.Mueller at vetmed.uni-giessen.de> wrote:

>Does anyone have any tips for me concerning available software, database 
>structure, internet pointers ... for the build-up of a catalog of a big 
>(say 10000 sheets) herbarium of vascular plants.

  Hallo Magnus, I have a Fieldbiology Checklist on-line:


And yesterday I got the folowing msg by e-mail:

From: "Konstantin Savov" <kps at florin.ru>
Date: Wed, 7 Aug 1996 22:52:59 +0000
Subject: FLORIN new database

Several days ago, we put a new FLORIN database on the Web: the
Catalogue of Authentic Specimens of Moscow State University Herbarium


You are welcome to visit our pages again.

Bye, Marco

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