Dodecantheon spp. "Shooting Stars" Info and pl

Mark Feider mfeider at
Thu Aug 8 13:48:39 EST 1996

There are a number of prairie nurseries in the upper midwest that propagate
shooting stars and have both seeds or transplants... a few that I can send
your way now are the following, write back if you need some more sources: 

Ion Exchange, Harper's Ferry, IA  800-291-2143
Retzer Nature Center, Waukesha WI 414-896-8007
Prairie Nursery, Westfield WI 608-296-3679
Praire Moon Nursery near Winona? Mn  .. .in addition to D.meadia, I believe
that the latter two are also working with Amethyst Shooting Star

Good luck!

Mark Feider
Milwaukee Audubon Society

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