What plant makes citronella?

J Kroin hortus at worldnet.att.net
Thu Aug 8 21:45:29 EST 1996

Citronella is Collinsonia canadensis, also called horse balm. It is a 
native of Vermont to Ontario and Wisc. and south to FL and ARK. It is 
usually found in moist woods It can be grown in the wild garden. No so 
likely as a house plant It is grown from seed or division.


benmedia at mail.emji.net wrote:
>I bought a _Pelargonium_citrosum_ cv. a couple of months ago 
>at Walmart...it is a mosquito repellent plant that smells 
>just like those Citronella candles.  _Pelargonium_ is the 
>genus that geraniums fall into.  
>                  Maybe this helps.
>			               --  benmedia

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