Propagating a fig (ficus)

J Kroin hortus at
Thu Aug 8 21:40:05 EST 1996

Commercial growers root cuttings using 0.3% IBA powder.
An easy way is to do an air layer

Select a juvenile section (usually from near  the bottom). Soak some moss 
(any kind) in IBA rooting hormones solution such as Rhizopon AA Water 
Soluble Tablets, avail in the UK or US (if you have problem to find 
contact me). Scar the branch bark. Apply the moss. Cover with aluminum 
foil to seal to keep moist. Alternate, dust the scar with dry powder 
rooting hormone, apply moss them foil.


com045 at (J.S.LEMON) wrote:
>I have just 'inherited' a 'fig plant' - I believe the general term is a
>'ficus' which is about 1.5 m tall but has not been too well looked after
>and consequently is rather 'leggy'. There are a fair number of leaves on
>the upper branches but unlike many specimens I have seen there are only
>a few on the one or two remaining lower branches. There are three main
>stems each about 1 - 1.5 cms diameter and I would like to encourage
>these to send out side shoots lower down or start off some new plants in
>the pot to 'fill in'
>Any suggestions on either propagating / 'bushing out' would be
>gratefully received
>Best wishes and thanks
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