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Joel Nelson kirk at
Sat Aug 10 07:50:02 EST 1996

Hi there,

I currently work as a structural designer for a company that
manufactures quality greenhouses.  The purpose of this post is not to
bother all of the peope who post valuable growing information and
questions in this newsgroup, but rather to help those growers and
researchers who are just getting started or expanding their growing

We have made it our goal to manufacture greenhouses that are more
functional and more cost effective than any other houses on the market
today.  As you know, there are times that "inside the house"
condensation will form, and have a very concentrated mixture of
specific chemicals that researchers and growers use in certain growing
applications.  The roll-form structural members that our greenhouses
employ have a unique design configuration that carries the
inside-condensation from any glazing system to the outside of the

The advantage of roll-form greenhouses:

- condensate control (keeping "the drips" OFF your product)
- the members (such as top chords and purlins) are rolled into a 
	  shape that uses about the same amount of steel as small square
	  tubing, but orients its cross-section to more effectively carry the
	  heavy snow loads seen in the Northern United States as well as the 
	  120 mph wind loads seen in the Southern, Coastal United States.
	  Efficient materials = cost savings passed on to the customer.
 - the roll-form shapes allow the structure to be bolted together to
	  ease construction.  This keeps our in-house welding to a minimum, 
	  and this is good for you, because welding breaks the hot-dipped
	  galvanized coating which is very important to maintain in an 
               environment that is moist at all times.

Well,  I am a much better engineer than I am a salesman, so I'll quit
babbling about this stuff.  If your interested, please check it out at
your leisure.  Come and see us at:

The website only touches on our major greenhouse applications, so
feel free to leave an email for us at the website or even call the
toll-free number to ask about all the houses and equipment that we
offer.  I do enjoy working for a company that provides its customers
with this kind of quality, so if you would like, you're more than
welcome to contact my personal email here at home:

kirk at

Thank you and forgive me if I've offended anyone for posting this
information here.

Joel Nelson.

(I know my email address says "kirk", but my name is Joel - don't ask,
it's a long story)

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