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planter planter at delphi.com
Sat Aug 10 00:13:30 EST 1996

Kirk Nechamkin <knechamk at panix.com> writes:
>Just two days ago, some salesman comes knocking on my door. He 
>insisted that my drinking water (tap-water) was dangerous to
>my health because it contained CHLORINE. Now, when I think of
>dangerous drinking water, I think of elevated lead and copper
>levels -- not chlorine.
	Chlorine and Chloramine which is now used in NY water is
a carcinogen, that is it breaks down into carcinogenic substances. As
for the shower: chlorine gas is poisonous and in a hot shower I suspect
the gas is released.
	You are partailly right in believing the price for the filter
was too high, but it is not a bad idea to obtain a filter.  Reverse
osmosis filtration is best and cannot be purchased for 19;95.

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