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>>Hello,  I would like to get help on caring for my two different
>>calatheas.  Both are surviving but neither one is doing well.  I also
>>have several gingers and ground orchids. We all live in
>>Can anyone tell me of a specific news group I should be subscribing
>> Thanks
>>Penny McIntyre
>Penny, I grow several species of Calatheas in moderate light with
>ferns, bromeliads, and aroids in a leanto greenhouse in southeast
>Night temperatures 60 or so F, day temperature (nowadays) up into low
>Through trial and error I've learned you should not let the Calatheas
get too 
>dry.  Since I water just once a week, I put shallow saucers under each

>(plastic) Calathea pot, so that their "feet" are kept wet for at least
a day 
>or two after watering and the saucer underneath also keeps the medium
in the 
>pot from drying out too fast. Since I started doing that, all my
>have been doing much better.
>I'd be interested in finding out about U.S. sources for "rattlesnake
>seen in Crystal Garden in Victoria, B.C, or other sources for this
>group of plants.
>--Neal Foster

Just another thought. In Belem, Brasil, they had "cataleas" orchids.
They were grown on a bed of charcoal on hanging baskets. They were
watered every day, and fed from time to time with the watering. The
most beautiful I ever saw was the "catalea violacea".
Mike Roginsky, aka, Micro.

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