Riparian Plants

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Tue Aug 13 22:53:18 EST 1996

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Kristiaan Stuart <kstuart at> writes: 
>I am looking for information on riparian plants and their soil
>types.  Some are pretty obvious such as Salix being viable in coarse
>substrates (sands and gravels).  However, I am looking for research
>to base management plans on... it seems as though this info is scarce.
>Any information would be greatly appreciatred!
>			"So little time, so much to learn!"
>Kristiaan Stuart 
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Re: Plants
Hi: you have taken on a great search. I suggest you start by searching
the Web under "Wetlands" and/or "Engineered Wetlands" you will find a
number of plants mentioned which should lead to others and so on.
If you succeed in developing a list please send me a copy.
Regards, and good luck.

Len Walde, P.E.  sigma at 

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