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>Just another thought. In Belem, Brasil, they had "cataleas" orchids.
>They were grown on a bed of charcoal on hanging baskets. They were
>watered every day, and fed from time to time with the watering. The
>most beautiful I ever saw was the "catalea violacea".
>Mike Roginsky, aka, Micro.

Mike, the orchid you saw was Cattleya violacea, which I agree is a very 
beautiful species but difficult to bloom in a greenhouse without high light 
levels, I understand.

Calatheas are not orchids; they belong to the prayer-plant family, the 
Marantaceae.  The blooms are nothing to write home about, but many of the 
species that I have grown have the interesting habit of folding their leaves 
upward at night.  They are grown primarily for their interestingly-marked and 
colorful foliage.

--Neal Foster

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