Mentha pulegium (Lamiaceae) aka, pennyroyal

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Wed Aug 14 14:36:10 EST 1996

To Peter Warner,
	I have been studying colonisation around ponds constructed for 
gravel mining along the lower Mad River in N. Calif.  Mentha pulegium 
came in around the ponds to some extent.  This summer I've been working 
along other rivers in the region and occassionally see the mint.  Is this 
a big deal?  Are you trying to get rid of it?  It's in there with the 
best of them as far as I can see, and is no more or  less a takeover plant.
Jana Knutson

On 14 Aug 1996, Peter Warner wrote:

> I'm interested in any information anyone might have about Mentha 
> pulegium (pennyroyal), in particular about its ecology and methods of 
> management.  Native to Europe, the plant is well-established in northern 
> coastal areas of California, growing in seasonally (winter/early spring) 
> sites of moderate to severe disturbance, such as roadside ditches and 
> heavily grazed pastures.  Domestic livestock seem to avoid eating it 
> (for good reason!), so grazing as a control technique seems out of the 
> question.  Does anyone have any documentation about its invasiveness, or 
> an propensity to displace native plant species, in any habitat?  Thank 
> you for information -- please, no herbalism-oriented responses!

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