Looking for deepest-breathing houseplants!

Roger Wallsgrove roger.wallsgrove at bbsrc.ac.uk
Thu Aug 15 03:26:40 EST 1996

Chlorine is an extremely effective disenfectant.  As to its "dangers"
in drinking water - remember the story of the S.American country which
a few years ago stopped chlorinating its water, beacause of all the US 
fuss about cancer and so on  ...  Cancer rates weren't affected, but
LOTS of people suffered and died from water borne diseases like
cholera and typhoid!
IF any chlorine gas is released in a hot shower (and I very much doubt 
than any could or would be), the amounts would be so small as to be of 
no possible danger.
Forget the filter.  If you dislike the taste of chlorinated mains water,
just boil it first, or buy bottled water to drink.  Easier AND cheaper!

Roger Wallsgrove

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