tissue culture!

arrie at scientia.up.ac.za arrie at scientia.up.ac.za
Fri Aug 16 08:51:44 EST 1996

>I am trying my damdest to get sterile mature explants of Nepenthes alata, 
>but the material is being killed by the sterilant, while the contaminants 
>are still alive and well, any ideas?  I've tried mercuric chloride, sodium 
>hypochlorite (3.5%), hydrogen peroxide, benlate and other dydtemic 

>Any help would be appriciated.

>Lindsey Podd
>Department of Botany,
>Pietermaritzburg campus,
>University of natal
>South Africa

I don't know the plant you working with but what about seeds as explants?
Seeds can often be sterilized with higher concentrations than the plant it 
self can.



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