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: Please help me
:  I need information on the advantages THC serves to the cannabis plants. I 
: have found information on its effects on humans and other animals, but 
: nothing on its effects on cannabis or other plants

Well, I think it would be very hard to determine what effect the THC,
in-and-of-itself, has on the plant. But, I will tell you this; that
the THC is contained within the RESIN, which serves the purpose of 
protecting the plant from too much dehydration due to sun exposure. 
THC is just one of hundreds and hundreds of 'chemicals' in cannabis, 
and the precise purpose of most are not yet understood, though their 
effects on humans -- carcinogenic, for instance -- are well understood.

Some silly scientist wannabees had previously postulated that since
there are "no known purposes" for the THC to the plant, that it must
'heaven-sent", and, therefore, our 'destiny' to exploit it, since its
only purpose can be for people. I mean, simply because something is 
not KNOWN, doesn't exactly mean that it does not exist. I am pretty 
certain that the THC serves exists as some important functional
component in the resin.

To a non-scientist, statements like how there are "NO KNOWN
purposes for some given molecule" are synonymous with how there
is "(apparently) no purpose for a given molecule." Usually, when
people use rhetoric to mislead others by twisting and tweaking
facts to make some point, their point lacks something. Feminist
orgnaziations have mastered this technique and even taken it to
new heights by completely fabricating 'facts', and then, in 
extrapolation, making other claims and then using THOSE claims
to substatiate the FORMER fabricated 'fact'. Its wierd, but
these days, there aren't too many penalties for making things
up for purposes of legislative mandate, and then, after
such mandates are enacted and the claims are proven absolutely
false and entirely fabricated, the mandates themselves are
sustained. So, there ain't much to lose -- and there's in
fact a lot to gain -- by being a B.S. artist...if you're 
deceitful at heart. Go figure.


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