Help! Loved aloe turning brown!!

M. Rodgers merlin at
Sun Aug 18 09:48:53 EST 1996

There are three (3), major reasons for Aloe taking a nose dive and 
turning brown (looking like they are dying).

1) Ambient temperature is plumeting below 50-deg. F.

2) Overwatering....aloe can not stand too much water they will rot from 
the roots up...  Water as you would a cactus.....very spareingly.

3) To much direct sun....they require high ligh but direct sun will turn 
them a reddish color and finally burn them causing them to die.  Do not 
place immediately next to a sunny window.  The glass in the window will 
act a magnifying glass and burn the heck outa them.

Hope this has helped....first line I would take would be to back-off the 
water and cut-off those brown leaves.

Merlin at
M. Rodgers
Master Gardener, Galveston County
Texas Agricultural Extension Service
U.S. Department Of Agriculture
Texas A&M University Systems

Good Luck ...... :-)

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