Need help with Spanish Moss

MELANSOND melansond at
Tue Aug 20 06:46:28 EST 1996

	The best thing is to keep it in a warm moist environment.  Perhaps draped over
a house plant or on a ficus, not too close to a window in the winter where it
can get a chill.  Then spritz it with water or a VERY dilute fertilizer
solution on occasion.  I live in eastern NC and mine has been growing happily
on my boxwoods since MAY, I brought it up from SC in January and put it on my
poinsettia, then I moved it outside for the summer.  It has no visible roots,
but absorbs water and nutrients through "scales" It will flower, but will be
too small to see from a distance. Don't bunch it up, let it drape naturally.
Good luck

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